Assessing the air tightness of your home, a process that pays off!

The blower door test consists of a performance test carried out with a device that allows verification of the airtightness of a building. In other words, the blower door test allows you to quantify and locate the outside air entering your home. The blower door test is an effective tool used in several energy efficiency programs.

To proceed with the blower door test, our consultants depressurize the building with a specialized fan temporarily installed in the main door of the house. This equipment is specially designed to efficiently evaluate air loss. This test is not dangerous for the integrity of the building or for the health of the occupants.

One of the objectives of the test is to detect air leaks. The goal being to reduce energy consumption and increase home comfort caused by excess air leakage.

Also, the blower door test, in relation to the volume of the building, makes it possible to determine the number of air changes per hour (ACH) as well as the equivalent leakage surface (ELS) of the residence. These results make it possible to compare the airtightness level of the building to other homes that were built in the same era.

Blower door test for general contractors

The blower door test is also used to evaluate the airtightness of new buildings under construction. In fact, before installing gypsum, many contractors call on our services to verify the performance of their air sealing system. This allows them to detect leaks and seal them before the gypsum is installed.

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