MLI Select

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) MLI Select program allows rental property owners the opportunity to obtain mortgage loan insurance relief for the construction, purchase or refinancing of multi-family residential buildings of 5 units or more. It was designed to encourage the preservation and creation of affordable, accessible and energy efficient housing.

MLI Select can allow for the opportunity to access the following benefits (among others):

    • An increase in the loan-to-value ratio;

    • An extension of your amortization period (up to 50 years);

    • A decrease in your down payment;

    • A decrease in minimum debt coverage ratios;

    • And a reduction in your insurance premiums.

Our team of qualified specialists can help you access program opportunities as part of an energy efficiency assessment. It will assist you in validating the commitments related to your application by producing a report and a software energy simulation, both of which are necessary for your financial institution to submit your file to CMHC.

Only an engineer, architect, Certified Engineering Technician (CET) or Certified Energy Manager (CEM) can produce a compliant energy model.

Benefits are determined through a scoring system established by CMHC covering three distinct categories. The score varies according to different levels to be reached and certain criteria in each of the said categories. This means borrowers can choose to commit to one or more levels, but must earn a minimum of 50 points to be eligible for some of the benefits of the MLI Select program.

Scoring system and criteria by category

This result is measured by the percentage improvement in your building’s energy efficiency performance relative to a baseline. The current building code for new buildings or the current, pre-improvement performance of an existing building.
New Buildings:
  • Level 1 (20 points) – At least 20% better than the NECB/NBC requirements.
  • Level 2 (35 points) – At least 25% better than the NECB/NBC requirements.
  • Level 3 (50 points) – At least 40% better than the NECB/NBC requirements.
Existing property :
  • Level 1 (30 points) – Minimum 15% decrease from current baseline.
  • Level 2 (50 points) – Minimum 25% decrease from current baseline.
  • Level 3 (100 points) – Minimum 40% decrease from current baseline.
This is measured by the percentage of all available housing that is deemed accessible by CSA B651-18 or universal design or has a Rick Hansen Foundation accessibility certification. See the scorecard and criteria for this category here.
This is measured as the percentage of all units that are available at or below 30% of the median tenant income. See the scorecard and criteria for this category here.

The benefits of the MLI Select program are numerous.

For more information on the program or to better understand the different criteria and possibilities that apply to your project, please contact us and we will be able to assist you.

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