New Brunswick - Energy efficiency services

New Brunswick offers various types of financial assistance programs to encourage its citizens to make their homes more energy-efficient. Here are the services you can benefit from with an energy assessment by Buildingexpert.

All of the following services are compatible together and are available by having an energy efficiency assessment made by one of our energy advisors.

Enhanced energy savings program

This provincial program is designed to help New Brunswick homeowners and renters manage their energy costs. Il offers a free mini-split heat pump and improved insulation to homeowners who use electric baseboard heaters and whose total gross household income is less than $70,000 per year.

Tenants can apply for a free kit of energy-efficient products, including LED light bulbs, showerheads and power bars, and eligible homeowners can also benefit from a free home insulation upgrade to reduce energy consumption.

Canada Greener Homes Loan

The Canada Greener Homes Loan is a federal initiative (complementary to provincial assistance) that offers a 10-year, interest-free loan of up to $40,000 (minimum $5,000) to help Canadian homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and comfortable.

The Canada Greener Homes Loan is designed to help you finance eligible renovations that are recommended by an energy advisor and have not yet been undertaken. It’s a great way to lower your home’s energy bill while reducing your impact on the environment!

To find out more about the program and its requirements, please visit: Canada Greener Homes Loan

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program

The Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program is an initiative of Natural Resources Canada. The program is designed to help Canadian homeowners who currently heat their homes with oil to switch to a more environmentally friendly heating system by installing an electric heat pump.

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program (

MLI Select mortgage loan insurance

MLI Select is a multi-unit mortgage loan insurance product that prioritizes affordability, accessibility, and environmental friendliness. It operates on a point system, providing insurance incentives that are determined by affordability, energy conservation, and accessibility. These incentives apply to both newly constructed and existing properties. The more dedication you show towards social and environmental results, the greater the rewards.

Only professionals such as engineers, architects, Certified Engineering Technicians (CET), or Certified Energy Managers (CEM) are qualified to create an energy model that complies with the requirements.

Blower door test

The blower door test is a diagnostic tool used by our energy advisors to measure a home’s airtightness. During this test, a powerful fan is fitted into an exterior doorframe and temporarily seals all other openings, such as windows and vents. The fan then either depressurizes or pressurizes the house, causing air to flow through any gaps, cracks, or openings. The primary goal of this test is to detect air leaks, which helps reduce energy consumption and enhance home comfort. Additionally, the blower door test provides data on air changes per hour (ACH) and the equivalent leakage surface (ELS), allowing comparison with other homes built during the same era.