20% savings on the energy bill of your new house!

These are the recurring savings that a Novoclimat-certified home can bring you. In fact, this program aims to encourage the construction of homes with energy efficiency characteristics that are superior to the average for standard constructions. By purchasing a Novoclimat home, you are ensuring that your building will meet higher standards in terms of insulation, airtightness and ventilation.

You will benefit from this:

–              of considerable energy savings;

–              of increased comfort;

  –           of superior air quality.

In addition, the program offers financial assistance of 2000$ to the buyers of a new Novoclimat certified house, and 2000$ if the buyer is a first time home buyer.

CMHC also offers a 15% rebate on the insurance premium for the purchase of a Novoclimathome

In order to obtain a certified home, you must contact a Novoclimat certified contractor and ask him to include the Novoclimat requirements for the construction of your new home.

Your contractor will take charge of registering your home in the program, and our consultants will ensure that the requirements are met during construction.

Novoclimat is a government program offered by Transition énergétique Québec. To access the directory of Novoclimat certified contractors, and to learn more about the program, please visit the program website

Telephone: 1-866-266-0008