Industrial hygiene and toxicology

The quality of the work environment has a direct impact on the health and safety of its workers. It is therefore essential to remain alert to potential sources of danger to which the environment may be vulnerable. Our building and hygiene experts are able to identify several types of risks and recommend corrective solutions adapted to your needs.

It is important to note that most of our interventions can be done while maintaining your operations.

Here are the types of risks we can help you with
Biological – Bioaerosol
– Moulds
– Infectious materials
Chemicals– Gas and steam
– Hazardous materials
– Combustible materials
Ergonomic– Constraining posture
– Handling
– Excessive effort
Physics– Noise
– Thermal stress
– Radiation
Security – Hazardous machinery
– Moving parts
-Working at height

Prevention: An essential ally

Knowing what risks the environment is likely to face before they affect you improves your ability and reaction time to deal with them. By establishing a timely audit protocol, you will always be one step ahead. We can help you set up an appropriate protocol and/or emergency response plan.

Additional services offered:

  • Development of sampling campaigns;
  • Sampling of air contaminants by cassette and smear;
  • Laboratory analysis;
  • Workstation assessments;
  • Safety analysis of tasks.