With half of the company’s employees concentrated around three cities in Quebec (Joliette, Saint-Jérôme and Quebec City) and the rest telecommuting or on the road in the province, the Expertbâtiment Social Club is a necessity in order to rally around common events.

what are the activities?

BBQs on beautiful summer Fridays, classic “pizza lunches” in winter, a day at the sugar shack in the spring, seasonal in-house newspaper, large holiday parties, group motorcycle outings, large annual summer event: there is no shortage of activities at Expertbâtiment.

history of the social club

Initially an impromptu committee, the Expertbâtiment Social Club has taken shape around 2019. Its founder, Eve-Lyne Ducharme (Singer AND Marketing and Communication Coordinator) has assembled a team of the most sympathetic and motivated people to create a force unequalled until now in the field of “fun” organization.

be an organizing member

It’s an opportunity to have reserved time with the most dynamic people in the company, so for newcomers, it’s a pretty interesting “fun safe space”. This is also the advantage of having a voice and ideation for activities in the coming year, so nothing too flat so far. Finally, it is the privilege to receive small gifts for the involvement once in a while.

Club members proudly posed with their new clothes on the boss’ Jeep.

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