How to Register to Canada Greener Homes Initiatives online

Here is how to register to the federal Canada Greener Homes Initiative program that allows loans and grants to upgrade the homes of Canadian residents who want more energy efficient housing.

Before starting, click the button below to open the Canada Greener Homes Initiative online registration page in a new browser tab.

1- Fist : Make sure you have these

  • A proof of property ownership
  • A pen and paper to note passwords and usernames.

2 – Check your eligibility

  • Now that the government’s website page is open in a new browser tab – open it and check all the boxes that fit your situation. You must at least check the one that says “I am a Canadian homeowner with proof that my home is my primary residence.” to be eligible. If you check the right boxes, you will see the green “Start your application!” button shows up. Click on it and continue.

3 – Create your Greener Homes online account.

  • Option #1 – Sign-In with a banking account
  • Option #2 – Create a GCKey (user ID and password)
    • A new page will load up. Look to the right of the screen and click “Sign Up”.
    • Accept terms and conditions.
    • Create a username, a strong password and your account recovery questions.
    • If you want to access your account with a backup email address, insert a secondary email address in the next page. (otherwise, you can click “skip”).
    • Click “Continue” and then you will receive an email for confirmation.
    • Open the email you have just received and follow the URL link to confirm the creation of your account.

4 – Log into Greener Homes Initiative web platform

  • You will now automatically go back to the login page.
  • Once logged in : Fill up your contact informations when asked

5 – Start a new application

  • A new page will load and you will have a few options. Click the pale green “New Application” button.
  • Time to fill the Greener Homes Initiative application form.
  • Scroll down and check everything that fits your home ownership specifics.
  • Be sure to check “Yes” at the “Consent to be Contacted by Natural Resources Canada” line.
  • On the next page : Enter home specifics.

6 – Select Buildingexpert

  • Your are now on a new page with many lines of company names.
  • Find “Buildingexpert” and click the “select” button on the same row.

7 – Final step

  • This is now the last step! Click the “upload file” bbutton and upload a proof of your”Primary residence”.
  • At the bottom left of the page : Check “agree” then click “Next”

Your registration to the Canada Greener Homes Initative is now pending. It will take between 2 and 14 business days for the government to approve your application. Once approved, the government will send us your contact information and one of our staff will contact you to schedule your Energuide home energy evaluation.

Gabriel Houle

Conseiller marketing et communications