The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program offers improved rebates as a result of a partnership between Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant. To qualify for this program, you must complete a home energy assessment prior to beginning any renovation work. A Buildingexpert certified energy advisor will evaluate your home’s energy use and recommend improvements that will reduce your energy costs. If you complete at least two of the recommended upgrades, you will receive a rebate. 

Improving your home’s energy efficiency not only helps you save money but also makes your living space more comfortable year-round.


Type of upgrade Upgrade details Estimated rebate
Home energy assessments
The first step to determine which upgrades are right for your home.
Up to $600
Home insulation
Improve comfort, reduce energy costs and prevent moisture damage with attic, foundation, wall and exposed floor insulation.
Up to $10,000
Air sealing
Eliminate drafts, improve air quality and save energy with draft proofing.
Up to $1,300
Windows and doors
High-performance windows prevent condensation and eliminate drafts.
Up to $325 for each
Space and water heating
ENERGY STAR® certified hot water heat pumps use up to 70 percent less energy. Ground source, air source and domestic hot water heat pumps qualify.
Up to $7,800
Smart thermostats
Boost comfort and reduce costs by saving energy automatically.
Up to $125*
Solar panels
Generate your own power and reduce dependence on the grid. Solar panels and batteries qualify.
Up to $5,000
Protect your home from climate change events, such as fires and floods.
Up to $1,625

Who is eligible?

All homeowners in Ontario qualify for the Home Efficiency Plus (HER+).

You must…

    • Use a Natural Resources Canada approved Registered (NRCan) Energy Advisor.
    • Complete a pre- and post-energy assessment from the same Registered Energy Advisor.
    • Complete at least one qualifying upgrade recommended by the Registered Energy Advisor.
    • Follow the specific measure requirements that are provided.
    • All participants must provide a copy of their invoices, proof of address and property tax bill before the Registered Energy Advisor can submit the file for payment.